Faroese potato chips – at last

21.09.2023 - 08:35
Faroese potato chips – at last
Faroese people love potatoes, so there should be a strong market for locally made potato chips, say young entrepreneurs
Flís chips are available in three flavours: salt, salt & pepper and seaweed. A 20g bag costs DKK 15. Photo: føroyakips.fo

Just about every Faroese meal is served with potatoes, yet it has not been possible to buy Faroese potato chips.

Until now.

For about a year, Cristian í Garði and Einar Eyvindson Toftegaard have been refining their potato chips, and now the finished products, branded as Flís (Slice), are available in the Føroyakips online store.

“When I realised that there were no locally made products in the Glasir college cafeteria I thought, ‘we need to do something about that’,” explains Einar.

“We are chips experts – at least as consumers,” Christian chimes in. “We thought it was unfortunate that while potatoes have been such a central part of the Faroese diet for centuries, there were no Faroese potato chips.”

They started experimenting with potatoes at home, and now they have moved their crispy activities to the iNova entrepreneurial hub in Tórshavn.


Cristian í Garði and Einar Eyvindson Toftegaard pictured left to right with a batch of their ‘Flís’ potato chips

“There was no googling for recipes,” says Christian. “We just started slicing and frying potatoes and after a lengthy period of trial and error, we ended up with some pretty tasty chips.”

Flís chips are currently available in three flavours: salt, salt & pepper and seaweed.

“We saw no need to reinvent the wheel, so we thought we should just stick with some standard flavours used here in the Faroes,” says Einar.

“We are experimenting with a few other flavours. But we’re launching with these three and then we’ll see how it goes.”

This article is based on a radio interview with the founders. No information was provided about when the chips will be available in stores. For updates, visit the Føroyakips website.


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