Police warn of fake money transfer requests

18.09.2023 - 07:20
Police warn of fake money transfer requests
Several people in the Faroes have been tricked into sending money to scammers in the past few days
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Police are urging the public to be on the lookout for scammers tricking people to transfer money.

This comes after a woman called the police on Saturday saying that someone posing as her neighbour had asked to borrow DKK 1,000.

According to news portal in.fo, the woman immediately transferred the money. However, when she later visited her neighbour’s Facebook profile, she saw that the neighbour had urged her friends to ignore any requests from her because her account had been hacked.

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The woman also noticed, too late, that the four-digit sort code in the bank account number provided was not Faroese.

Police say this is not an isolated case and urge the public to be vigilant.

“We are investigating the matter; however, a warrant is required to receive the relevant information from the banks, and it may take a while to obtain this warrant,” says a police spokesperson.

“If you receive any such requests, check the account number, especially the sort code. If it’s not a Faroese sort code, the request is probably not coming from your neighbour.”


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