National cybersecurity strategy introduced

16.09.2023 - 11:16
National cybersecurity strategy introduced
New strategy seeks to defend against the increasing threat of cyberattacks
Trade minister Høgni Hoydal presented the national cybersecurity plan earlier this month

The Faroes have emergency preparedness systems in place on land, at sea and in the air – but no coordinated system exists to protect our cyberspace.

Efforts have been underway in recent years to establish such a system, culminating in the completion of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy, which was introduced earlier this month.

The three-year cybersecurity strategy consists of eight strategic objectives:

1. Defend critical IT infrastructure

2. Establish a cybersecurity system ready for immediate implementation when threats arise

3. Develop a comprehensive legal framework to enhance cybersecurity across all sectors of society

4. Establish a cybersecurity authority

5. Boost cybersecurity measures within public institutions and systems

6. Implement cybersecurity and IT education across all educational levels

7. Centralise and establish standards for IT systems

8. Foster a culture of IT security awareness

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Faroese businesses and institutions put great emphasis on IT security, according to the head of the Faroese Revenue Office, Leif Abrahamsen, who coordinated the strategy,

“However, a holistic perspective is missing, and this makes the Faroes vulnerable to possible cyberattacks,” he said at the presentation of the strategy on 8 September.

“It is therefore crucial that we map the critical infrastructure in our society and build defensive walls around it.”

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Implementing the cybersecurity strategy will cost DKK 6 million next year and then DKK 9-10 million per year in 2025 and 2026, said trade minister Høgni Hoydal.

“The previous government initiated work on the strategy, and the current government has completed it. We therefore expect solid parliamentary support for the strategy.”


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