Student grants for immigrants learning Faroese?

05.06.2023 - 14:39
Student grants for immigrants learning Faroese?
The conditions for immigrants learning the Faroese language are far from ideal, argues MP
Archive photo of graduates of the ‘Føroyskt sum annaðmál’ course at Tórshavn’s Evening School

If immigrants are to function on an equal level to Faroese people, some language-learning obstacles need be removed.

This is one of the issues raised by Hanna Jensen, an MP for government party Framsókn, in a general enquiry about the upcoming integration bill.

“The advanced 'Faroese as a second language' course requires about 20 hours of active study per week. Faroese upper-secondary school students are eligible for student grants if they study a minimum of 20 hours per week. What, then, is the argument for not offering student grants to immigrant students?” she asks.

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“It would be interesting to see if this would serve as an extra incentive for immigrants to learn the Faroese language.”

She believes that simply offering the Faroese language courses is not enough.

“We hear about many immigrants who want to learn Faroese, but many need to be in full-time employment to make ends meet. Adding four hours of active daily study on top of that is a lot to ask of anyone.”

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It has frequently been suggested that employers who hire migrant workers should be responsible for organising Faroese language courses for their foreign staff.

“Some migrant workers only stay in the Faroes for short periods. But many end up wanting to stay here,” she says.

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“Rather than trying to determine who will stay and who will return home, I think we need a more flexible system, ideally with active involvement from employers, which makes it possible and less complicated for all foreign nationals to learn the Faroese language. I see this as an investment in our culture and our language.”

A reply from the integration minister is expected shortly after MPs return from their summer break at the end of July.


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