Drunk people removed from Tórshavn town square

30.11.2022 - 15:37
Drunk people removed from Tórshavn town square
Private security firm has been hired to clear area of drunk people
The Steinatún town square bus stop

People waiting for their bus at the Steinatún bus stop in Tórshavn’s city centre have long been complaining about being bothered by drunk people.

The problem extends beyond the large, roofed bus stop. Inside the Steinatún mall/office building, stores and customers frequently experience problems with drunk people who use the Steinatún area as a regular hangout.

Security firm steps in

The problem has now become so pressing that the city council has hired a private security firm to remove drunk people from the area.

Kirstin Hammer, who runs the Gómagott café inside the Steinatún building, is one of many people who are happy there is now a security firm they can contact.

“Drunk people have come into the café and threatened to kill me. They have also harassed our customers, and some have even urinated on the floor. So, yes, it is reassuring to know that we can call for help.”

Looking for a permanent solution

However, she adds, this does not solve the issue entirely. If drunk people are removed from the area when the weather is bad, they tend to return almost immediately to the roofed bus stop to seek shelter from the rain.

The city council is aware of this and is looking for a more permanent solution so that these people can find shelter without causing inconvenience to others in the area.

Salvation Army

The Faroese branch of the Salvation Army, which is headquartered just across the street from the Steinatún square, has a different approach:

“These are people and citizens just like everyone else, but they have ended up as outcasts. Steinatún has become a popular place for these people to meet,” says Bernhard Petersen, who works for the Salvation Army.

He believes that instead of sending security people to remove them, the Salvation Army could send their people to the area to talk to them about a possible alternative place for them to stay rather than just forcing them away.

“If we were given the resources spent on a security firm, we could try to give these people the help they need. And while we’re there, we could also help explain to those who feel bothered by this that these ‘drunk’ people belong in our society just as much as any other citizen.”


Read the Faroese version of this article here.

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