Sandoy “would suffer” if Russia deal were cancelled

28.11.2022 - 14:27
Sandoy “would suffer” if Russia deal were cancelled
A large portion of the fish processed at Sandoy Seafood is caught in the Barents Sea

If the fisheries deal with Russia had not been renewed, the consequences for Sandoy would be disastrous.

So says Hedvig Winther, financial manager at Sandoy Seafood.

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Frozen cod makes up 80 percent of the fish processed at Sandoy Seafood. About half of this comes from Faroese ships that fish in the Barents Sea, the area at the centre of the Faroese fisheries deal with Russia.

Flakavirkið í Skopun, Sandoy Seafood

Sandoy Seafood is the largest employer in Sandoy with about 60 employees

“Our staff members obviously rely on their salaries. If the deal had not been renewed, we may have needed to shut down the factory.”

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This would cause a ripple effect across the entire island, she adds.

“We have witnessed this recently during periods with little or no work at our factory. All business and, by extension, life in general here in Sandoy just grinds to a halt.”


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