New city buses in Tórshavn

25.11.2022 - 08:56
New city buses in Tórshavn
Fifteen larger and more spacious buses will hit the streets by the end of this year
These old buses will soon be replaced by 15 new ones which will fit more passengers and have more space for baby strollers and wheelchairs

Fifteen brand new diesel-powered Iveco buses will arrive in Tórshavn in two weeks’ time.

They will be taken into use between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, says Heðin Zachariassen, CEO of bus operator Gundurs Bussar, who recently signed a nine-year city bus deal with Tórshavn City Council.

The new buses are 1.3 metres longer than the current ones. They will fit more passengers and have more space for baby strollers and wheelchairs.

According to Zachariassen, the total cost of the 15 buses is just above DKK 30 million.

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Two electric buses will arrive in May next year. These will be used on Tórshavn’s route 4, which is the one with fewest hills.

The plan is to use the two electric buses as a trial to determine the feasibility of gradually replacing the diesel-powered buses with electric ones.

The ultimate decision whether to use diesel-powered or electric buses lies with the city council and not the bus operator.


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