Hoyvík approaching second city status

21.11.2022 - 14:10
Hoyvík approaching second city status
As Hoyvík’s population is on track to surpass that of Klaksvík, it’s time to give Hoyvík its own polling station, argues city councillor
Hoyvík is too big not to have its own polling station, says city councillor

With a population of about 4,700, Hoyvík will soon become the country’s second-largest city. And as such, it should have its own polling station.

This is the view of Tórshavn city councillor Tróndur Sigurðsson, who hopes that the upcoming election will be the last one where Hoyvík residents will be casting their votes in the á Hálsi sports hall in Tórshavn.

“Last month’s Danish general election showed us that Hoyvík residents really need their own polling station,” he says.

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“If they decide not to vote due because they don’t want to vote in the á Hálsi hall, this becomes a democratic problem.”

Sigurðsson points out that Argir has its own polling station despite having a significantly smaller population.

The á Hálsi sports hall is used as a polling station by residents of Tórshavn, Hoyvík, Hvítanes, Sund, Norðadalur and Koltur.


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