New Faroese language course in northern region

03.10.2022 - 12:55
New Faroese language course in northern region
Course begins on 31 October at the Kambsdalur college
Photo: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Culture

Residents in the eastern/northern region of the country will soon have easier access to studying Faroese as a second language.

Kambsdalur college will host a new course covering spoken and written Faroese along with an introduction to the Faroese society and culture.

The course will run from 31 October to May 2023, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Culture.

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The course concludes with an exam. Each student receives either a certificate for a module test which gives access to further studies in Faroese as a Second Language, or a formalised diploma supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Culture which is applicable for Upper Secondary Studies.

The course is organised in accordance with the CEFR scale.

Students are screened for prior language skills before classes commence.

Registration begins tomorrow. Application forms will be available here from tomorrow at 12 noon.

For assistance, call +298 610800 or email


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