Integration bill finally nearing completion

03.10.2022 - 08:52
Integration bill finally nearing completion
Language requirements remain the main point of contention
Integration minister Magnus Rasmussen is putting the final touches on the integration bill

A legal framework for integration in the Faroes has been in the making for years.

It will be ready by year-end 2021“, “it’s just around the corner" and other assurances have been made, but the bill has remained elusive.

The reason is that the bill has been undergoing various adjustments after having been sent out to public consultation late last year.

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It now appears that most of the adjustments have been made, and integration minister Magnus Rasmussen has vowed that the bill will be submitted to Parliament by the end of this month.

Essentially, not much appears to have changed since the minister announced in early July that Faroese language skills will be required for permanent residence.

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The skill level has not yet been specified, but the minister insists, despite criticism that it is difficult to balance language course attendance and work commitments, that familiarity with the language is crucial as it will greatly help immigrants make use of their skills in the Faroes.

He adds that these language requirements will only apply to those who apply for permanent residence and not to migrant workers.

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“We have made what we believe are the necessary adjustments to the bill,” he says.

“I will now inform the government and the opposition of the bill and I will submit it to Parliament within the next month.”


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