First day of school for 730 children

17.08.2022 - 11:01
First day of school for 730 children
Just about all of this year's primary school starters were born in 2015
Image: Statistics Faroe Islands

About 730 children across the country will be heading off to school for the first time tomorrow.

This is a 4.6-percent decrease on last year’s figure of 765 children, according to Statistics Faroe Islands.

A vast majority of this year’s school starters were born in 2015, a year which saw 610 births in the Faroes. This year group has since increased by 120 children (almost 20 percent) as a result of immigration.

Eva and Jónas lead the way

Eva, Ester and Mia are the most common girl names among tomorrow’s school starters.

Jónas tops the boys’ list, followed by Lukas.

For more about names in the Faroes, visit the Statistics Faroe Islands website.

Show care on the roads

As in previous years, the municipalities and road safety council RFF, have joined forces to remind drivers to be extra careful as thousands of children will be heading back to school after the summer break.

'Drive carefully' signs have been put up in and around school areas across the country, and parents have been encouraged to teach their children about road safety.


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