717 unoccupied homes in capital region

15.08.2022 - 15:25
717 unoccupied homes in capital region
Previously published data on unoccupied residential properties did not feature Tórshavn municipality
Tórshavn municipality had a population of 22,959 in June 2022, according to Statistics Faroe Islands

Figures from 2018 revealed that 13.1 percent of residential properties in the Faroes did not have full-time residents.

This data covered 27 of the country’s 29 municipalities. Tórshavn and Fugloy municipalities were not included.

But now the Tórshavn figures are in, and they show that 717 residential properties across Tórshavn municipality are unoccupied. This number is broken up into 450 dwelling houses, 232 flats and 35 classified as ‘other’ types of property.

National housing register

A working group with representatives from the Environment Agency and Statistics Faroe Islands has for the past two years been working on setting up a national housing register.

The plan is, in addition to creating a general overview of the housing market, to use this register to determine household energy sources and the total value of the Faroese housing market.


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