New solution to Tjørnuvík traffic nightmare

03.07.2022 - 09:06
New solution to Tjørnuvík traffic nightmare
Park & ride shuttle service aims to solve Tjørnuvík traffic bottleneck problems

There’s a good reason why Tjørnuvík is flooded with tourists every summer: it is a gorgeous place.

But as the village can only be accessed through a tiny, single-lane road, the place becomes a traffic nightmare in the summer months.

To reduce the number of cars travelling to Tjørnuvík, a new park & ride shuttle service between Haldórsvík and Tjørnuvík will start this Wednesday.

The free-of-charge shuttle bus will run three times per hour during peak hours throughout the summer season.


- Traffic lights will be installed on the road leading down to Tjørnuvík.

- Only Tjørnuvík residents and their close relatives can access the village by car.

- Parking areas in Tjørnuvík are fitted with sensors. Electronic signs in Haldórsvík display parking availability in Tjørnuvík.

- The shuttle bus departs from a large parking area outside Haldórsvík three times per hour 10am - 5pm. The service will be free of charge until the end of August.

- Buses and coaches cannot park in Tjørnuvík, but they can drop off passengers and then return to the parking area in Haldórsvík while waiting to be called up for the return trip.

- Mobile homes cannot access Tjørnuvík and must park in Haldórsvík.

This is a trial system which will be assessed at the end of the summer season.

If deemed successful, similar systems may be applied in other villages.


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