New integration committee in Eystur municipality

16.06.2022 - 06:43
New integration committee in Eystur municipality
Committee wants to help immigrants structure their daily lives, says mayor
The committee consists of the mayor, a member of the town council’s environment and welfare committee and three residents in the area, including two with a non-Faroese background

Eystur municipality’s new integration committee, which was appointed earlier this year, held its first meeting last week.

The committee was formed to cater to the growing number of newcomers to the area.

“Some move here from elsewhere in the Faroes and many also move here from abroad. We want them all to settle in well in our municipality,” says mayor Per Martin Gregersen.

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“We are planning an introduction event for after the summer holidays where we inform our immigrant community about the services on offer in the area.”

Details of the event will be announced on (currently in Faroese only) soon.

The mayor encourages anyone who might need assistance to visit the town council house in Norðagøta or call 730000.


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